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March 2013

OUT NOW: Solex Ahoy, a Soundmap of the Netherlands. Order here!


Feb 2012

Solex goes ULTRA-eighties
Because of the exhibition 'God Save The Queen' at Centraal Museum Utrecht, a lot of people join hands in order to relive the exciting period of 1977-1984. Solex will put in her two cents for the Amsterdam Underground!

26 feb: Hotel V, Amsterdam (between 4 and 6pm, Achievers-Lebowski)
01 mar: W139, Amsterdam (presentation book about ULTRA and magazine Vinyl)

07 apr: Solex with Plus Instruments Melkweg, Amsterdam

Aug 2011
04-09-2011 Effenaar Eindhoven
07-09-2011 Tivoli De Helling Utrecht
08-09-2011 Vera Groningen
10-09-2011 Uit Festival Nijmegen
15-09-2011 Off Corso Rotterdam
16-09-2011 W2 Den Bosch
April 2011
March 2010
February 2010
First reviews just in!
Yes, the overall effect is akin to a self-consciously cool 90s soundtrack written for a non-existent 70s cop show, but it’s one worth hearing.

Verehrte Kollegen und Kolleginnen aus der Promo- und PR-Branche (...) könnt ihr bei der Gelegenheit gleich noch darauf achten, dass die Platten, die ihr mitschickt, nicht mehr ganz so scheiße klingen? Ungefähr so wie hier?
Rockit Brotha

The album flaunts attitude and comes with bags of street cred.
February 2010

New Solex vs. Cristina Martinez + Jon Spencer record
Amsterdam Throwdown King Street Showdown

Eur: BronzeRat Records (March 1st 2010)
UK and Ireland BronzeRat Records (April 5th 2010)
US and Canada, Australia and NZ: BronzeRat Records (May 11th 2010)

Punk rock royalty Jon Spencer and Cristina Martinez have joined forces with Dutch electronic heroine Elisabeth Esselink, for the most exciting collaboration/confrontation since The Jetsons meet The Flinstones. Imagine if you will, a fisticuffs of funk, garage and soul between Captain Beefheart and Ike & Tina, with a sprinkling of hip-hop courtesy of Mike Ladd.

The triumvirate have created a sonic dilemma with Amsterdam Throwdown, King Street Showdown! Do you listen or do you dance? Whichever, you’ll have your shrink on speed dial as you contemplate whether it mocks Jesus to have this much fun, what with the apocalypse being just around the corner and all.Amsterdam Throwdown, Kingstreet Showdown! kicks off with the sugar-fix that is “Bon Bon”, a dirty, funky bastard of a concoction, complete with strings.

“Galaxy Man” is an outer-space go-go party with Link Wray’s corpse! “Dog Hit” is a tale of irresponsible pet ownership, as if told by sexed-up and AWOL philharmonic orchestra members on MDMA! “Aapie” is a tribute to our ancestry and invites us to unleash our inner monkey! As you can see, there is something for all tastes.

Throughout, Elisabeth Esselink has ingeniously fattened up a rich tapestry of cool, the perfect canvas for Cristina and Jon, who pepper-spray it with personalized lunacy whilst shrugging off the wannabes scrambling for their plinth.To wit: 3 pioneers. Meet them in the street after dark. There’s gonna be a psychedelic genre-bending knife fight. So don’t forget your scuba fins and get ready to dance! You lucky, lucky bastards you.

May 2009

Solex wil open for legendary My Bloody Valentine on their one and only clubdate on may 25th. in Eindhoven. Order your tickets through The Effenaar

April 2009

Solex wants everything! We hit the theaters with a show called Ik Wil Alles. More information here
24-apr, Munttheater Weert
15-mei, Krakeling Amsterdam
17-mei, Grand Theatre Groningen
27 sep, Agnietenhof Tiel
3-okt, Muziekcentrum Enschede
11 okt, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht (première)
16 okt , Meervaart Amsterdam
22 okt, Bijlmerparktheater Amsterdam
23 okt, De Vest Alkmaar
27 okt, Theater Geert Teis Stadskanaal
1 nov, Schouwburg Gouda
8 nov, LAK Leiden
15 nov, Schouwburg Arnhem
18 nov, Kruithuis Groningen
28 nov, De Regentes, Den Haag
29 nov, Harmonie, Leeuwarden

August 2008  

An audio-map of the Netherlands
This summer I am going to start a new project called Solex Ahoy. With an old motor boat I’ll sail through all twelve Dutch provinces accompanied by musician / captain Bart van Poppel. In every province we’ll pick up a few musicians (one by one) for an improvisation session that will be recorded aboard. Every musician is asked to improvise to a loop which will be heard on his/her headset. At the end of this trip I’ll be able to cut ‘n paste 12 songs out of these jams that will reflect the sound of every one of the 12 Dutch provinces. In that way you can look at it as an audio-map of The Netherlands. I’ve invited a wide range of musicians. A bunch of young but talented girls & boys and a few musicians who’s fame has already stretched to quite a few years.

Kick off is Monday August 18th and we expect to be back in Amsterdam October 1st.

March 2007

Solex makes new music and sound effects for Edward Albee's 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf'. The whole thing will be performed live at cinema Kriterion in Amsterdam on March 20st. Everyones invited for this evening of fun and games.

April 2006

Overeasy's Bang Your Buck is the 2nd release on Discmeister Records. Overeasy is actually Robert who used to play drums in Solex. You can check out some of his tunes -and become his buddy- on MySpace

April 2006

Solex on MySpace

November 2005

Solex will play a Pakistan-benefit in Amsterdam @ Sugarfactory

October 2005

Solex on Keeping It Peel, the John Peel memorial website.

Pic: Solex @ BUE-fest in Argentina

May 2005

Andy Graydon made a video for the Solex cover of E&TB's The Cutter Watch it here.

April 2005

New MP3 All You Can Hear. Check the MP3 Page

The new Bluesexplosion cds and 7" Crunchy features remixes by DFA, !!! and Solex. Out on Mute

March 2005

At last: the MAE/Solex fishtank ep is up for sale. You can check some of the music at the Maarten Altena Ensemble website.

February 2005

Fresh Belgium tour dates! Holland Sucks! (w. Voicst and The Sheer)

New: Solex classic T-shirt. Order it at You Make

January 2005

Fresh Italian tour dates!

November 2004 Fresh Italian tour dates!

Read The Diary update!

NEW: The new Solex shop is online @

October 2004

The US leg of the tour is halfway. Read The Diary!

NEW: Lyrics Laughing Stock Of Indie Rock now online. Sing Along ;)

September 2004

Loads of new tourdates. Check 'em out!

August 2004

In Europe the new Solex record 'The Laughing Stock Of Indie Rock' will be released September 13th on Discmeister. The record is licensed by Arena Rock for the U.S (release Sept. 28th), Magnum Music for Taiwan and China, and by Ultrapop for South America. Solex will be in the US in October and November. Check soon for the exact dates.

April 2004

The new Solex record, titled 'The Laughing Stock Of Indie Rock' will be out in september. In the US it will be out on Arena Rock aka ARRCo. Yes it's a company! And it's bi-coastal

Download the song Low Kick and Hard Bop as played live at VPRO's Club 3VOOR12. You might wanna check the other 19 acts on this free MP3 cd as well.

February 2004
NEW: Order some items straight through the Solexsite using PayPal. Go to the merchbooth.
Also: check out a snippet of the Randy Costanza video on The Victoria Lucas site
December 2003

(From the Solex Newsletter)

If you watch Dutch television and are into science, this is a should-see: December 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27th at 18.15 on Net 3 a program called 'Wetensnap'. It only lasts about 7 minutes and looks like some strange kind of music video. The 3 main differences are:
1) I've compiled the music and recorded the sound effects & voices for it.
2) the 7 minutes cover more than just one song, but it's not Pink Floyd.
3) the singer isn't a 30+ guy under a Christmas tree wearing a latex cat-suit, but a kid that not only raps / tells you how to do a scientific trick, but also shows you how to actually do it. It's amazing how well the music of Aavikko, Yo La Tengo, Pes, Paul Barman, Sad Rockets, David Shire or Messer fur Frau Muller goes with kids.
A few weeks back I played with the Maarten Altena Ensemble on the nice
Crossing Border Festival in The Hague (NL). Apart from some Charles Ives and some Solex songs we played a brand new 25 minute song called '1+1=11'. This song has a somewhat different than usual history. Maarten Altena is working as a composer for about 25 years now. I took everything he ever recorded in his life and gave it the Solex-treatment. I cut it up, pitched it up & down, sampled it and tossed it round and round, untill I had a 25 minute song. After that Maarten orchestrated it back to the ensemble so we were able to play it live as well. Big fun to make, but rather nerve wrecking to play live. I don't think I can remember a single minute of the whole gig.That's it for now. Have a great holiday with good food & nice drinks and a happy new year. Next time I hope to write you with news about at least two releases.
Kiss, Elisabeth

May 2003
New: MP3 track for 5th anniversary 3VOOR12 The song is called 3 4 12.
Maart 2003
(From the Solex Newsletter)
Long time no habla!
After the last intense tour (that took me ages to recover from) I took a short vacation. Right after I started working on a new album. Now, almost a year later I'm in the middle of the editing process which will take me a 'little' more time.

As Bobby Zimmermann already knew: 'The times they are a changing'. For some that means a new haircut, for others a new pair of pants or for some people (that I don't know) a new Limp Bizkit record. For me it means that my next record will be released on an other label. Yes, Matador and Solex are no longer like Laurel and ...what was the other guys name again? They're still huge fans and promised to buy my new record. I will truly miss them.

Then on with the happier stuff: I always loved Pavement, and so decided to conTRIBUTE a song to a record called 'Everything is ending here'. The double cd features some 30+ covers by the likes of Quickspace, Fuck, Yuppie Flu, Tindersticks and Bardo Pond. Truly a nice compilation (redux deluxe and dvd to follow in the near future).

April 20th DJ Set in Rome
Sorry, no live shows in the near future.
Love, Elisabeth.
October 2002
New: Russia Story
Chickfactor no. 15 features Elisabeth.
More shows with Maarten Altena Ensemble: check tourdates
September 2002

Solex will do a Peel session on the 25th. The 26th Solex will play the 93 Feet East in London

August 29th 2002
Solex plays a fundraiser for radio 100 @ the Paradiso in Amsterdam
June 22th 2002
New SOLEXSITE online. To celebrate this, there's a new MP3: 1969 a Stooges cover
May 17th 2002
Maarten Altena Ensemble plays 5 Solex songs at copy and paste festival. Elisabeth sings
April 20th 2002
Solex @ the Barbican (aftershow for Yo La Tengo)