Germany-Austria-Italy December 2002

So it was a grand tour again. We met people that really loved us...NICE PEOPLE and of course we met some people that really hated us. NOT SO NICE PEOPLE

In Germany and Austria FREEZINGit was freezing all the time, but in Italy it was nicer and we even spent a couple of hours on the beach. The whole week in Italy we were acompanied by Giovanna and Augustino THE NICE PEOPLE OF INDIGENAfrom Indigena, our Italien booking agency. They play in a pretty cool band called Uzeda, but now they also record under the name Bellini. In Verona someone broke into our van by smashing the driver's window.MORE BROKEN STUFF That was the day before Christmas. And since Toyota is not very popular in Italy and all the repair shops were closed anyway, it was going to be a cold Christmas. Fotunately we found a piece of plastic and a roll of tape so we could sort of fix TAPED WINDOW the window a bit. In Italy they eat a lot of cakes CAKE for Christmas by the way. They sell 'em at gas stations. We only ate one and prefered to buy 'Pocket Coffee' instead. In Germany we bought chocolat eggs.You know, with a toy inside. In Germany we ate a lot of sausage on very hard roles. In Italy we ate a lot of pizza and pasta. PUTANESCA We had a day off in Germany that we spent visiting ARBEIT MACHT FREI Dachau. We thought that was very impressive. In Italy we spent our day off in Venice. That was also very impressive.VENICE In Venice the sun was shining. That can often make you sneeze. SNEEZE IN VENICE

After three weeks it was time to go home again. Back to Amsterdam. This is how our van looked on the way back. DIRTY VAN